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"Simplified parking. The easiest part of our trip.  Drop-off is easy and quick.
Pick-up was equally quick.  Call them on your cell phone when your plane lands and your car will be waiting for you at their office. I saw a continuous flow of their easily identified minibuses available to take you to their parking area. I wish they ran the airline I flew with. I was particularly impressed by the care and competence of employee Charles Moore."

J. Peistrup

"We were one of the first few (on July 1) to have the surprise of finding our car was no longer parked with Thrifty, but with Park Air.
The staff was marvelous, and we want to thank you for making what could have been a confusing situation a seamless one instead."


Mark K.
Olathe, KS

“I park at your facility every week thanks to my work schedule and am a member of your express check-out program. Yesterday when I arrived back in KC, I was picked up at Terminal B by Bill, who always remembers me and how often we see each other. After he dropped me off, I jumped in my car and left. As I was headed down the outer road, I heard a scraping noise coming from under the car, turned around and went back to your facility. When I pulled in, Bill came over and asked what the noise was. He immediately got down on his knees on the dirty ground and inspected the underside of my car.

It turns out the heat shield over my exhaust had come loose and was dragging on the road. Bill took the time to find a wire coat-hanger and helped me with a quick temporary fix to get me home. I was in my nice work clothes and he laid down on the dirty ground and got the heat shield jimmy-rigged back up for me, and sent me on my way. The loose heat shield was a result of general wear and tear, and in no way a liability of yours.

Bill went above and beyond and I wanted you to know that is one of the reasons I will remain a regular customer.”

Nick A.
Kansas City, MO

"I travel for a living and have in the past been using The Parking Spot, but have found their service to not be up to par! They were rude on the phone and never had any space available, even when I went on-line to make a reservation - and even despite that fact that I am a Spot Club member. I have recently used you guys and must say it was a totally different experience. The service was so great, and everyone greeted you with a smile and/or kind gesture. The prices are great as well, and you even have my car ready when I am dropped off, even better!!! I will continue to use you guys for all of my future travels to the airport. Thank you!!!!"
Pamela M.

“I frequently travel by myself. This place is A-1 in my books - top notch - very professional-very friendly-CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTED! From the minute you pull into the business, there are usually 2 people to greet you immediately; one to take your auto information down, and give you your parking ticket, and the other automatically starts grabbing your luggage out of the car, and begins to load it on the shuttle.  I doubt I have ever had to wait more than 2 to 5 minutes for the entire process. They drop me right off at the door to my terminal, and they unload my bags for me. When I land, and give them a call, I don’t usually  have to wait for more than 5 minutes to be picked up. They  make me feel like ROYALTY. I always feel safe, and like I’m their only customer. If you are not using this service..YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I will use this service every time I travel.”

“Decided to try Park Air Express. From the time you pull in, you are in good hands. Easiest, safe way to leave your car at the airport. Will continue to use Park Air Express whenever I travel.”

“This place rocks my socks off. Amazingly good customer service. Upon arrival there is a customer service rep to check you in and either a bus driver or valet, usually both, to help with luggage. The busses are like limos on steroids, and they even glow from the bottom, which is pretty cool at night. I never have to wait very long to be picked up either. I think the best thing about it is that when you get back your car is already up and ready to go. I do what they call Fly-Thru so I don’t even have to go inside, I just get in my car and take off. I highly recommend them.”


"Love your parking service and great job on the car washes!  Your staff is always very kind and quick. Would love to see the oil change service brought back."



“I am writing this email to personally thank one of your honest employee Jeremiah in Missouri.  I had left my wallet inside my car when my husband dropped it off.  Of course I realized after he was long gone but when I called your location in Missouri, Jeremiah kindly and patiently helped me locate it.  Thank you
very much for hiring honest people to represent your business and I will definitely continue to use your service and recommend to others as well.  Again, thank you, Jeremiah!  I will never forget your kind deed!!”

-Haesung K.

"Once I found PAE I never went back to the airport parking. I don’t have to stand there anymore and watch the shuttle roll past in the dead of winter; I don’t have to worry about getting off at the wrong section of the parking area; and I don’t have that long wait at the terminal waiting for the shuttle. Thanks for a great parking facility. And the service is so far ahead of the pack I can’t see them ever catching up!"

-Rod I.

Overland Park, KS

"On the morning of Friday July 7 I left a car at your KCI facility. At the airport I thought I gave the driver 4 one dollar bills. However, I gave him three ones and a $10 bill. After helping us with our luggage and returning to his vehicle he came back and asked me if I intended to include the $10 and returned it to me. I do not recall, but I believe he left prior to me being able to at least include another $1 bill. I do not know his name, but he should be commended for his honesty. I do not believe I would have ever realized I gave him $13 instead of the $4 intended."


"We're excited to begin this [Travel Agent] partnership with you. We recommended this parking lot many, many, many times when it belonged to Thrifty Car Rental and were sad to see it close. We were thrilled when you opened it back up! It is SO convenient for our customers because they don't have to go "in" to the airport. And so many times, we'll have families that are booked on different airlines ... in different terminals ... so parking at the terminal becomes a challenge. Your location is ideal for these situations! The valet service plus your car washing option is such a special touch to travelers! "

-Luci L., Action Travel, Inc.

"After last weekend’s wonderful experience parking our car with Park Air Express, we are fans. The service was fantastic. "

-Alice C., Travel Plus.